This is a bespoke box specially designed here at AOML to house a set of two cups and saucers. This box was totally made from scratch. The items the box houses are made secure by it’s complex design. Diagonal cuts and folds like the ones on this box are possible only in die cut boxes. This box is complete with a handle and a window making it appealing to the eye. This box is more suitable for display packaging rather than the conventional packaging. Although this image is shown to have no printing AOML can print all of our die-cut boxes in up to three colours!

Bespoke tea-set display boxTo get it right, the box went through a long design process. There are circular areas inside the box that needed to be the right measurements to hld the cups in place and it also needed to be the correct height so that all the items within could fit correctly. This shows you the level of dedication and commitment AOML will put into designing you a great product.

If you reqire a bespoke or unusual box to house a specific item or items be sure to give us a call and we can guide you through the process of designing and producing the box. However, if the box you need does not need to be to this level of sophistication AOML offers a whole range of die-cut boxes that are done to the FEFCO standard.