AOML has the capabilities of offering you a wide range of styles of box. Like most companies in the corrugated packaging industry we follow the FEFCO styles. Somethimes the FEFCO styles will not meet our customers needs and this is where we can design for you a truly bespoke box to fit your specific needs.

AOML offer boxes that can be split into two main catagories.

Regular Slotted Case, 0201 styleRegular Slotted Cases (RSCs):

These are probably the most popular requested style of box. Most of these boxes will use the FEFCO styles and consequently are the most cost effective style of box to produce. We can manufacture a huge size range in all different board grades on the majority of machines we run. We use a piece of machinery called a case maker to make these styles of box. To find out more about the machinery we have here at AOML be sure to visit the Our Machinery page.

Die-cut Boxes:

These are boxes that are manufactured in a slightly different way to the RSCs. The main difference being a cutting form is essential in the manufacture of any die-cuts.

Die-cut boxBy using a cutting form to stamp out the box this means we are not limited to straight cuts and slots giving a greater range of shapes and sizes. Die-cut can often be a better option for things like display boxes that demand things like windows and handles, we can also follow FEFCO styles but we can also design you a box fom scratch making it a better choice for packaging that has to house something in a particular way.

Below there are some examples of both RSC boxes and die-cut boxes that we have produced in the past. We hope these will give you a better understanding of the packaging AOML produces. You can click on these pictures to find out more about the box. However, if you don’t see anything that matches your requirements please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask for advice. You can do this either by calling us or using our quick contact form.