This is another bespoke box created and produced by AOML. It went through a long design process and needed to be right so that the flaps and the insert could be the correnct sizes.

You may notice the insert on the inside of the box. AOML offers a wide range of inserts, not just for bespoke boxes, that can be used to provide better security for the item you are housing by adding extra protection or a better hold on the object. We have a set range of inserts or if there is a perticular insert you need we can design it just for you to fit the box you are ordering.

This style of box has been made at AOML, using the die-cut method.This box also has two flaps on the lid which allow the box to locked shut. This design requires the box to be made on flat-bed die-cut. To find out more about the machinery we have here at AOML please visit the Our Machinery page.

Lastly, this box also showcases how AOML can produce cardboard boxes using a variety of different paper types. In this example the outside liner of the cardboard has been made using white paper providing a nice finish and the inside liner has been made using test paper allowing costs to be kept down. Likewise, the insert has also benn created in the same way.

If you think that this type of box or something similar to it is what you are after and you feel you may need a particular insert designed and made please don’t hesitate to contact us either by phone or by using our quick contact form. We can guide you through the process of creating a bespoke box or advise you on which of our designs is best for your needs.