Die-cut corrugated cardboard boxThis box is a bespoke Die-cut box designed and produced at AOML. This box is ideal for housing flat objects like books. The box was designed specifically for one of our customers and used for things like mailing books. It is a strong, secure box that is durable.

It is completely flat when folded out fully making it easy to store when not being used. It has some unusual cutting on it that would not be possible with an RSC such as the diagonal cutting and the tab at the top. The box therefore has been made on our flat-bed die-cut press. To find out more about the machinery we have here at AOML please visit the Our Machinery page.

Die-cut corrugated cardboard box, foldedThis box provides ideal protection for flatter objects. The sides fold up encasing the object and the tab locks in to provide a solid lock. The box still remains reasonably flat even when it is folded allowing you to be able to store multiple protected items in a bigger box.

This box went through a long design process to get it right which shows how much will go in to the design of your bespoke box. Like all of the die-cut boxes we produce we can print them in up to three colours. To find out more about printing at AOML please visit our printing page.

If you need a box that requires unusual cutting consider ordering a Die-cut box. We can design Die-cut boxes in-house but there is also a range of ready designed FEFCO standard die-cut boxes. For more information or advice please contact us using the quick contact form or give us a call. We can guide you through the process of designing and producing a suitable box for you.