Pizza style boxThis flat, pizza style box that was designed and produced by AOML. It is overall quite flat and the lid can stay down thanks to the locking tab. It is a die-cut box evident through the circular cutting and unusual cutting of the tab. These would not be possible without a die-cut. At AOML we use a flat-bed die-cut which is more accurate than a rotary die-cut which is an important factor in the production of packaging for food. To find out more about the machinery we have here at AOML please visit the Our Machinery page.

The circular cutting and overall shape/design of the box makes it a suitable choice for containing food.

This type of box can also be printed allowing for brand awareness, another important factor in th packaging for food.

If you feel that this type of box or a box similar to it would fit your needs please contact us either over the phone or using the contact form and we can give you guidance and advice as to what to get.