The 0201 is the most common type of cardboard box that we get requested to make. It has four flaps on both the top and the bottom. These can be sealed using tape to provide a solid wall that can later be opened or left as an opening if you want to use the box as a tray. This box is reasonably cheap to produce and can be made in almost any thickness of cardboard. Being an allready FEFCO standard box the creation of templates (also known as stereos) can be avoided meaning the process of production of the 0201 is quick and reasonably simple. It is extremely versatile therefore it will usually suit the needs of many customers who just want a simple box for things like storage or deliveries. The 0201 can have one or two colour print which you can read more about by visiting our printing page.

Regular Slotted Case, 0201 styleThe box is simple to assemble and once taped can provide good protection. Some people use boxes like the 0201 in conjuction with other boxes to improve protection of the object it is housing. This can be done by using the 0201 as the outer box and a die-cut as the inner box. This box can also have inserts produced for it for people who want a little more security. At AOML we can produce this box in a variety of measurements to suit you.

If you feel that the 0201 is suitable for your requirements please let us know. There are many other boxes like this for example the 0202 or the 0200 which you may find to be better for you. If you need any help please be sure to contact us.